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Who Else Wants to Work for an Innovative, Passionate, World-Changing Company - from the Comfort of Your Own Home Office?

Barton Publishing is an online-based company with a small team of passionate individuals who work virtually from home offices around the globe.

We are looking to add a few key positions to our team!

Why work for Barton Publishing?

  • We are world changers - We empower our customers to eliminate pain & disease by implementing our natural home remedies.
  • No commute - never get stuck in traffic again! (Just try not to trip as you walk down your own hallway.)
  • No dress code - Feel free to work in your pajamas, or in a chicken suit. We don’t care!
  • Flexible schedule - We understand that, sometimes, 8am to 5pm just doesn’t work.
  • Entrepreneurial - we’re not stuck in a corporate rut. We encourage calculated risk-taking to grow the profits of the business, and we believe capitalism is a good thing for society.
  • Stability - we’ve been in business since 2004, and we continue to grow rapidly. We are a privately owned, profitable company with big goals and a bright future - all achieved through the innovative work of smart people.
  • Innovative Team - you’d be joining a small team of humble, friendly, honest and hard-working people who want to make a positive difference on the planet.
  • Conservative Values - we believe in personal responsibility, individual liberty, limited government, free markets and the right to life.
  • Fun - the work we do as a team makes us so excited we jump out of bed in the morning. Each day brings variety and a flow of new & exciting ideas.
  • Constant Learning Environment - we strive for continual improvement. We learn from our mistakes and successes to develop new methods for operating more efficiently and effectively.
  • A Culture of Transformation - we encourage creativity, innovation and outside-the-box thinking. We like to challenge the status quo by asking great questions, which produce awesome results.
  • Tropical Retreats - we reward the achievement of company goals with occasional fun team retreats to places like Arizona, Australia and Banff. Next year our goal is Hawaii - and we’re open to team suggestions!

Positions we’re hiring for:

Creative Director

Barton Publishing (BP) is a fast growing natural health publishing and consumer products company with the focus on helping people live without pain and disease. Founded in 2004, it has quickly become one of the web's leading resources for people looking for pain relief.

BP  is seeking an experienced Creative Director to work on our team of professionals.  Barton is a virtual company, so this position does give you the power of flexible working hours and the opportunity of working from home / telecommuting.  But with great power comes great responsibility.

Your Main Duties:
To help Barton Publishing exponentially grow the business and to increase the perceived level of professionalism, branding and messaging in the minds of our consumers.  READ MORE HERE