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Creative Director

Barton Publishing (BP) is a fast growing natural health publishing and consumer products company with the focus on helping people live without pain and disease. Founded in 2004, it has quickly become one of the web's leading resources for people looking for pain relief.

BP  is seeking an experienced Creative Director to work on our team of professionals.  Barton is a virtual company, so this position does give you the power of flexible working hours and the opportunity of working from home / telecommuting.  But with great power comes great responsibility.  So in exchange, this is what we will expect of you:

Your Main Duties:
To help Barton Publishing exponentially grow the business and to increase the perceived level of professionalism, branding and messaging in the minds of our consumers.

Barton Publishing is a strong and successful Direct Response marketing company.  This means that your creative must not only be focused on design, brand and message, but it must elicit RESPONSE.  Great design is one goal, but if the customer isn't clicking and buying, then the creative isn't doing its job.

These are the skills you'll need:

  • Experience with publishing model desired
  • A proven track record of success managing creative in natural health or self help niches
  • Experience with online creative, with emphasis on email marketing creative
  • Experience managing and developing video creative
  • Ability to travel occasionally to conferences or company meetings
  • Analytical skills almost equal to your creative skills
  • Split-testing background or experience preferred
  • Obviously, strong computer skills are a must

Your Daily tasks:

  • Help establish the creative direction for all products and marketing pieces for the company
  • Manage a team of copywriters, web designers, video production professionals and others to achieve company goals
  • Work with the split-testing team to brainstorm, prioritize and analyze a continual stream of creative split tests to maximize ROI for all marketing creative
  • Coordinate with Media and JV departments to meet their creative needs
  • Collect data and report on program KPI's to management on a weekly basis
  • Ensure compliance of claims, advertising strategies and creatives used across the company
  • Continually strive to achieve better and better results for every creative developed

How success will be measured:
KPI's will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Development of at least one new product launch per quarter, which includes market research, content research, developing content and images product itself as well as developing marketing campaigns and providing the marketing team with all creative needed to bring product to market
  • At least 50% of new products developed should be successful (We don't expect you to be perfect!)
  • You and your team will create a continual flow of new creative ideas to split test, including headlines, body copy, images, fonts, design, video scripting, etc.
  • Manage and maintain a database of all creative split tests, and demonstrate increased company performance as a result of the creative improvements from your team
  • Manage new creative initiatives from CEO to meet deadlines and effectively execute new concepts and ideas

OK, so you've read this far and you've learned what we are looking for from you, and decided you have what it takes.  So what are we willing to offer you?  Well, here are 7 Reasons Why You Should Work With Barton Publishing:

#1 Stability

We've been in business since 2004 and have gone through many of the "rough patches" already. We are now a very strong and healthy company and the future looks bright for a very long time.

#2. Opportunity
Unlike most companies that want to keep your pay as low as they can, we do the opposite! Our goal is to pay you as much as we possibly can because when we do, we know that means you are creating tremendous value for our customers and our business.

We only want A level superstars so we offer above average compensation as well as performance-based bonuses. Very few companies can come close to this compensation. The better you perform – the more you make!  (How does a trip to Hawaii later this year sound?  Hit your goals and thats's where we're going!)

#3. Flexibility
Location doesn't matter to us. I don't care if you're working on the beach, your kitchen, or in your backyard. I don't care if you work from 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Or from noon – 8 p.m… As long as you stay productive and produce results – that's all that matters.

#4. Freedom
We believe that all people deserve to be free... free to make their own choices... free to create their own success... and we strive to create a work environment that not only allows, but empowers you to be creative and take risks (well thought out of course).

No company politics or popularity contests. Instead you get to be YOU and you have the freedom to create your own success in your own unique way. We are a team of "producers"... people who are results oriented and believe that each person should be responsible for themselves.

#5. Great People

You'd be joining an existing team of superstars, many of which have been with the company for years. There is virtually no "drama" within the team that most companies have. Everybody is fun, passionate, great at what they do, and willing to help out. If you're that kind of person – you'll fit in perfect.

#6. Training and Education

We invest heavily in our knowledge and skills. As part of our team you'll have access to an enormous library of "how to" and "self improvement" books and courses and we also reimburse our team when they invest in continued education.

#7. Growth
We are growing at warp speed and have continued to increase profits year after year. This growth also means growth for you... in knowledge, skills, relationships and income.

Sound good? 

The next step is to apply.   Please follow these instructions carefully. Applications not following these instructions will NOT be considered:
Send an email to [email protected] containing the following:

–> Subject line must say RESUME
–> Body of email must include:

  • Cover letter detailing why you are the right candidate for the position
  • Resume
  • A link to your LinkedIn profile
  • A list of at least 3 references we can talk to who will vouch for you.  Please include name, email and phone number
  • Your salary requirements

All information MUST be contained in the body of the email. Attachments will NOT be opened or accepted.

If you look like a fit, we'll contact you ASAP. 
Thanks for checking out Barton Publishing!