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Cholesterol Secrets

The Story

This report is meant to help educate and empower you, to put your destiny within reach, and to allow you to regain command of your life. In this report, you will learn

  • What cholesterol really is
  • The difference between "good" and "bad" cholesterol
  • How cholesterol levels are diagnosed
  • What cholesterol level is right for you
  • If you are in a high risk category for elevated cholesterol
  • Signs and symptoms that may indicate your level of risk
  • Ways to prevent high levels of cholesterol
  • Diet and exercise regimes that can greatly affect your cholesterol health
  • Ways to treat already high levels of cholesterol, including 17 groundbreaking ways you can begin to naturally lower your cholesterol starting today!

We have brought together 17 innovative, all-natural ways for you to lower your cholesterol and keep it down. While a program of diet and exercise designed by your physician is critical to your overall health and reducing your cholesterol levels, there are key actions you can take to naturally help your body establish the proper levels of cholesterol. We would like to share these with you in the hope that they will help you take control of your cholesterol battle. We encourage you to discuss these practices with your physician before implementing into your daily regime.

Throughout the pages of this report, you will learn these very things—how and why cholesterol is important to the functioning of your body. But, also—and more importantly—what you can do to battle the detrimental effects of high cholesterol.

With a program of diet and exercise combined with our 17 innovative ways to naturally reduce cholesterol, we have given you the tools to educate and empower yourself, to put your destiny within reach, and to regain command of your health.

This report is a revelation to me. I was on blood pressure reducing tablets and have stopped taking blood pressure reducing tablets. I bought a blood pressure monitor to keep track daily. I had severe swelling of my feet and since doing your gall bladder flush program, I have had no swelling now for three weeks. I feel much better and my muscle weakness/tiredness has gone away. Also, I exercise now everyday, embarked on a liver cleansing program and eat a low GI and non saturated fat diet with vitamin supplements. Finding out I had high blood pressure & high bad cholesterol gave me a real wake up call, but I am also frightened to be trapped into pharmaceutical medication for the rest of my life. I enjoy the healthy and smart way of balancing and restoring the body and the results have been clear and effective.
Sandy Faber