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The Story

You will learn the latest best practices and remedies for diet, lifestyle, and herbal supplementation for Diabetes Type I & II and pre-Diabetes. This report covers the latest research from scientists who are studying the disease. A refreshing number are seeking out which lifestyle changes in diet, exercise and rest can make the biggest impact. Some encouraging words: "Diet" will not be a four-letter word to the negative in this report. It will explain how it's possible to complete a diabetes-buster workout in as little as 12 minutes, which adds up to just more than a half-hour per week. You will also find out what dietary and herbal supplements cutting-edge health practitioners are recommending to their patients. The report cites the important scientific discoveries, and takes full wisdom from common sense and real-life stories as well.

The Kit includes:

  • The Diabetes Reversal Pledge
  • Diabetes Resource Guide
  • Natural Remedies for Reversing Diabetes
  • The Diabetes Cookbook
  • Meal and Exercise Planner
  • Grocery List
  • and Carb Count Sheet

I had blood work done after only being on the herbal remedies for 2.5 weeks and found out my numbers had substantially gotten better!! The "Diabetes Solution Kit" as published by Barton Publishing is proving to be worth its weight in gold to me. I love you, Mr. Barton, and recommend all your products to anyone with health problems. Truck Driver, Ricky D Warwick. Tulsa, OK
Ricky D Warwick