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I have suffered from heartburn and have been under the care of a GI physician for 5 years. Three years ago, he put me on 40mg Nexium daily. My primary care physician mentioned last year that he was not happy that I was still taking so much.

I called and asked my GI md if I could drop to 20mg. He did not even know that a lesser dose was available, just keeps his patients on 40mg! I decided after further reading that I no longer wanted to be on Nexium so I weaned myself off.

My heartburn came back with a vengeance: I was waking at 3am feeling chest pains that were really heartburn. I purchased your remedy.

That night I took a teaspoon of [ ingredient ], and felt relief. When I added [ secret remedy ] my heartburn was completely eliminated! I can drink coffee and beer in moderation, and can even enjoy the occasional nachos w/jalepenos! The only food I still have issues with is pizza, oh well. I am amazed!

My order went through in seconds, I was able to start your plan by that evening. And I am pushing [ ingredient ] on my entire family!

Thank you for letting me be nexium-free and still enjoy food.

Ann from Illinois


i have acid reflux for 7 months, I tired otc prilosec, it did nothing....then i had a reaction to nexium. so, i have been on protonix since jan. of 07. still had acid reflux.....i just ate plain bland food and lost alot of weight. I tried your report because i was so desperate. i thought it sounded way to simple and easy. so, at first i just tried [ secret remedy ]. still had the reflux, then i tried the [ other secret remedy ]....first day helped alittle, second day better.......third day fantastic.....went off my protonix. i still do have some acid in middle of night, but absoulutly no heart burn at all. i ate cherry cream delight and carrot cake for the first time in 7 i have had zero desserts or any fatty foods. if i could eliminate the little bit of acid i spit up in middle of night....i would be perfect now.

thanks to you and your product.

Norma R.


And I haven't taken a pill since. It's nice to be in control again. Thank you for honest insight into my condition.



I have followed your reccomendations for 7 days now. It is wonderful that I don't have to take Prilosec anymore. I am looking forward to being heartburn free. Thank you very much.

Robert J.


I had constant hart burn for 2 weeks non stop.When I swallowed food or liquid it felt like I had ahole in my chest. I woke up at 2am a week and a half ago to watch a World Cup rugby game with constant heart burn. I got on to the net,found your page for natural remedy for heart burn and payed for your advise straight away. Got the [ secret remedy ] the next day and had relieve instantly. It still came back and after about 3 days I could eat as normal and now as I get the signs of heart burn starting I take some honey. It WORKS !!!. Before I go to bed I take a tea spoon full just as precaution.Up and till now I ve not seen a doctor but I am sure it is stress related.


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