Core Purpose

To deliver hope and healing to our customers.

Core Values

  1. Honor God (Matthew 6:33)
  2. Help People (Matthew 25:31-46; Isaiah 58)
  3. Get Stuff Done Right (Colossians 3:23-24)
  4. PosiTude™ (Ecclesiastes 5:18-20)
  5. Practice What We Preach (James 1:22)

Meet The Team

Joe Barton

Founder, Publisher & CEO

When Joe was a teenager, he remembers telling his parents that someday he'd help tell the world about the "apple remedy" that saved his dad's life. Over 20 years later, he's now helped over a million people cure various health problems using safe, natural remedies. A former accountant, Joe founded Barton Publishing in 2004 from a tiny basement office with no windows. He lives outside of Sioux Falls, SD with his wife and four growing boys. "Joe's family is passionate about the 'least of these'. Learn more about their care for foster children."

Scott Saunders, MD

Medical & Nutrition Advisor

Dr. Scott left the traditional world of medicine to start his own clinic in Santa Barbara county in California. He graduated from UCLA Medical School, but grew frustrated with "the system" which didn't allow much for alternative remedies - even though he knew they were more effective with less side effects. He is now the director of The Integrative Medicine Center of Santa Barbara, which balances conventional medicine with alternative healing modalities to achieve optimal wellness. He and his wife have 14 children.

Kevin Gullickson

Chief Operations Officer

Kevin wears many hats as COO. He loves to implement systems and processes that help everyone on the team work more efficiently. When he's not working, he's enjoying his family, cycling or working out...or trying to help others in some way! He's a pastor and church planter “on the side” and recently planted a church in Sioux Falls, SD.

Nick Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Nick is responsible for all the company’s financial functions and leads all human resource activities including financial planning and analysis, employee benefits, compensation and payroll. His spare time is spent with his family, playing sports and enjoying the outdoors.

Cheryl Ravey


Cheryl is our Undercover Superstar, as she manages the entire production of our monthly eMagazine we call Home Cures That Work, our blog and our social media accounts. She recently married and moved from Chicago to the Sunshine State, where she enjoys kayaking, camping and scuba diving with her husband. Cheryl also loves to bake, run, do mission work and travel.

Leslie Prins

Customer Experience Specialist

Focused on giving our customers the best experience possible, Leslie gets to listen in on the heartbeat of Barton Publishing, and implement any needed changes or ideas to make our products even better. She and her husband Tyler currently reside in Garretson, SD with their children, Jude and Selah. Leslie enjoys learning & reading, and has an interest in food, fitness, and healing.

Tyler Prins

Affiliate Manager

Tyler manages our affiliate relationships at Barton Publishing. Tyler loves Jesus and helping people. Tyler, his wife Leslie and their two children Jude 10, and Selah 8 live in a small town in South Dakota. In his spare time, Tyler loves to spend time with his family in the outdoors camping, fishing, hunting, golfing and being active!

Eric Heuer

Web Developer

Eric is a great addition to the Barton family. He is involved with the background inner workings of our web presence. A North Dakota native, currently living in Minnesota, he loves spending time with his five kids and his wife. As a family they love to ride bike, explore new parks, and read as a family.

Liss Graham

JV Manager

Liss is a new addition to the Barton family. She manages our affiliate relationships and manages our extensive email marketing plans. Liss is a Christian first, then a wife and the mother of 2 teenagers and 3 fur babies. Born and raised in the Lone Star State (Texas), she loves to travel the world, read extensively, and do "sporty" things.

Shmuel Herschberg

Marketing Specialist

Originally from New York, Shmuel Herschberg is a seasoned digital marketing executive, with over 18 years of experience in the Israeli high-tech scene. He possesses a unique blend of technological awareness coupled with strategic thinking and creative writing, allowing him to build and execute winning marketing plans. When it comes time to relax, Mr. Herschberg enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.

Emily Gullickson

Customer Service Specialist

Emily works on picking up tasks in marketing and customer service. She is currently working to get her undergraduate in Chemical Engineering. Emily enjoys visiting coffee shops (to work and do homework usually) and leading worship at her church and campus ministry.

Jama Lanogan

Reporting Specialist

Jama manages the gathering, inputting of data into existing database and reporting them for management decision making. She is a graduate of B.S Accountancy and proud to be from the Pearl of the orient seas-WOW Philippines. She loves and worships the Lord with her four kids and her husband. She likes helping people local and abroad.